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Unbeatable Self Storage Units

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Drive-up self storage units
Cut down on moving time and back pain by unloading right by your unit
Security cameras
We make sure to keep you and your belongings safe
Clean, well-maintained self storage units
We offer clean and safe self storage for everyone
24/7 access at select facilities
Access your unit anytime at your convenience
Competitive rates
Our prices can go toe to toe with anyone else in the area

Safe Storage with TrueSafe

Trust the experts to secure your prized possessions at TrueSafe! 

Our facilities are built from the ground up to be secure. We have video surveillance running 24/7, so there are always eyes on your self storage unit. 

Our coded gates and fences ensure that only authorized people can even be on the premises. 

Check out the location nearest you to see what specific security features each facility offers. 

Our online rental process is the easiest, fastest way to reserve a secure self storage unit with TrueSafe Storage!

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Tenant Insurance

Our tenant insurance program provides another level of protection! The program covers:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Wind and hail
  • Vandalism and burglary
  • Pest damage
  • Smoke or water damage

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25 Square Foot Storage Unit
25 Square Foot Storage Unit

Small (5'x5')

This estimation is based on popular tips for common storage based on this size.

Similar in size to a hall closet

Holds approximately 54 medium boxes/totes

Can hold roughly the same amount as a typical garden shed

Equivalent of one small van load

100 Square Foot Storage Unit
100 Square Foot Storage Unit

Medium (10'x10')

Holds the contents of a two bedroom house/apartment

Holds approximately 215 medium boxes/totes

The contents of a typical garage

Similar in size to a small bedroom or condo

200 Square Foot Storage Unit
200 Square Foot Storage Unit

Large (10'x20')

Similar in size to a one car garage

Holds approximately 468 medium boxes/totes

The contents of a three-to-four bedroom house, plus garage

Equivalent of one-to-two moving truck loads

Stress-Free Self Storage Units

Renting a self storage unit shouldn’t be hard. With our simple online rental process, every tenant can choose the available unit that fits their needs, rent it, and even pay online, all from their smartphone! We offer a wide range of self storage units in different sizes and with different features, so you can choose one that fits your exact storage requirements. If you run into any trouble, our team of self storage experts is ready to help!

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